Saturday, 8 August 2009

Persian art, Iranian artists in london

Hey art lovers bit of news I have just read for you:-

In London, a group of Iranian artists are displaying their works. The show highlights sub-cultures that are flourishing within the Iranian society.

The Iranian exhibit is proving so popular, its London run has been extended. “Made In Iran” is on display at Asia House and has attracted much attention in recent weeks.

The exhibit is unusual because it features artists who have all chosen to stay in Iran, rather than relocate to Western cities. These artists use modern mediums and take a tongue-in-cheek approach to modern culture in Iranian as it clashes with the ancient traditions of the past.

Arianne Levene, art consultant said, “All of the artists are extremely young, most of them were born around the time of the revolution, around 1978 and 1979 and they are in their early 30’s or in the late ’60’s and they are in their mid-30’s, and they are more influenced by what they see and experience around them as opposed to what the traditions were, which is not something they’ve experienced because Iran’s changed a lot and the Iran they know, the one where they live is Iran today.”

None of the artists were able to leave Iran to attend the London show, due to the recent domestic situation. Efforts are now being made to arrange for “Made In Iran” to go on tour in France and Canada. The London show ends July 10.


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